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Your Brand Is Everything


First: Grab Their Attention

Stingray Studios

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Stingray Studios

Stingray Studios is a big-time player in the world of environmental graphics and visual merchandising. And when it was time for them to launch a new website, they turned to 42Fish. The site is now live, and can give you a real good idea of what stingray is all about.

The one section (“skills”) is not quite complete, but the rest of the site is ready for your eyes only.

Old Thoughts

Thank you for reading some of our thoughts for September. If you want to see some of our other thoughts, you can check out to read back issues of our newsletter.

Some of the topics that have been covered include defining your Brand Essence and Brand Promise, addressing the differences between features and benefits, helping business-to-business companies realize that their marketing to people, encouraging creativity, and a variety of other topics related to branding, marketing, advertising, and business in general.

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The Sky Is Falling!

At least that’s what half of the experts are telling us. The other half seem convinced that things are going to be just fine, even if we don’t do anything. And as is the case whenever two sides argue, they’re probably both right, and they’re probably both wrong.

However, according to all accounts, things are going to be somewhat stabilized in the near future. And if history proves itself to be an accurate predictor of the future, the economy will be back on track in relatively short order.

Let’s take the stock market for an example. Yeah, it’s down over 20% for the year, and most of our stock portfolios have taken a hit. However, history shows us that the market goes down that much or more about every 3 or 4 years, and it always rebounds. In fact, the last time we took a hit this big, the market basically doubled over the next five years.

Obviously, the stock market isn’t the only indicator of financial health for our country, but it’s definitely one of the main ones.

But here’s the overriding message behind this half-baked rambling… Things will get better. And we each have an opportunity to play a role in the recovery.

First of all, we all have the opportunity to vote for our next national leader in the very near future. Even if we do not share political views and support the same candidates, we all have the chance to make our opinions heard this November. Go vote.

Secondly, people’s lives and businesses must continue to move forward. Go to work, pay our bills, love our kids, smile to each other on the street, sing a song, worship however we normally worship, pursue our hobbies, and cheer on our favorite sports teams. Some things must just continue or our souls will die.

And thirdly, look at this scary time as an opportunity. While our competitors are curling up, scared that the sky is going to fall on their heads, let’s each go out there and do what we can to position ourselves as industry leaders, innovators, and strong business people. When everything does turn around (and it will), we’ll be the ones sitting on top.

Your Brand Is Everything.

This simple sentence has two meanings. (1) Every aspect of your organization – from the quality of your products and services to the public perception of your people, facilities, and marketing – plays a role in how your brand is defined and perceived. (2) Your brand is the largest (and hardest to calculate) factor in the value of your organization.

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First: Grab Their Attention.

Those of us in the marketing and advertising world spend a lot of time talking about messaging strategies, brand guidelines, desired reactions, audience segmentation, and all that kind of stuff. And yes, all of that stuff is crucial to an effective marketing campaign.

However, when it comes to advertising, no matter how strategic the tactic might be, if the advertisement doesn’t first grab the attention of the audience member, you might as well just throw your money in the street. No matter how eloquently the call-to-action is written, if the audience members don’t hear or read it, they’re not going to do what it is you want them to do. No matter how effectively you’ve targeted the text or script to a specific audience segment, if they aren’t in some way drawn to your advertisement (via comedy, shock, great design, clever headline, beautiful photography, arresting music, or some combination of these and other attention-grabbing techniques), you’ve wasted plenty of everyone’s time and money.

As a one local industry veteran has been know to say, “Don’t cover your ad with camouflage.”

Fish Tank.

Ever have a business or marketing challenge you can't solve on your own? Not sure how to turn leads into customers? Trying to figure out how to inspire your employees? Considering a referral program for existing clients? Wondering what type of product brand extensions to consider next? Contemplating the future of your business? Thinking about launching a new venture?

A Fish Tank can help you find creative solutions to most any challenge, with neither a huge expense nor a long-term commitment.

A Fish Tank is a focused idea-generation session, populated with creative professionals picked for your specific challenge. If you'd like to learn more, please contact Brad Dresbach at 614-223-0058 or

In fact, we’re conducting a Fish Tank this evening for a new client. You’ll probably be hearing some of the results of that meeting in the next couple of issue of 42Thoughts.

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